So apparently I created a blog with this name back in 2010 and never got around to posting on it…

Obviously English is not my first language…back in 2010 I didn’t know the word *facepalm* hence the name…but honestly not sure I’ve ever seen someone around here (North America) actually do a facepalm gesture properly…the emojis look ok but it’s more of a smack to the forehead which is why I’m sticking with the blog name…facepalm sounds closer to a South Asian gesture used to send damning thoughts to someone where you put your palm to your face, wipe down, gather your hand into a fist, turn your hand, open palm and shove the damnation at someone…

Btw, did I mention I’m South Asian?

Also I like to ramble.

Also I’m Muslim, a feminist and an engineer. And a #spoonie

This blog will be mainly rants about stuff I find weird or annoying.