“Biospsychosocial” model & #MedicalGaslighting

This post is to archive a Twitter thread [https://twitter.com/hellozeik/status/1602017019993260032?s=46&t=jIQSmBcZHUcffcA8RmZhxw]:

What pisses me off extra abt the “biopsychosocial” stuff is it had potential to actually do so much good…instead it’s just morphed into latest iteration of hysteria worldview in medicine but w a veneer of systems thinking / social justice language.

Healthcare providers have convinced themselves that saying things like “your symptoms are real but not organic” is somehow compassionate & caring towards patients instead of condescending & gaslighty

My other fave is when doctors say “it’s not structural it’s functional”…

I’m just an engineer dude but structure kinda impacts function? In pretty much any system?

Those are not mutually exclusive?

I also love the “it’s a software problem not a hardware problem” but w/o defining in concrete terms what sw & hw here actually refer to

In computer systems, bits too eventually become electrons

Those aren’t as separate as you think & just tells me you don’t understand computers

As an example from my own field, spacecraft computers are literally designed to deal w radiation causing software errors such as corrupting memory.

& there’s some evidence this is a concern on Earth too

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